System Requirements

Legni can be used on virtually any modern computer system (Windows, Macintosh, and Linux) and in any application allowing the entry of text (OpenOffice, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, MakeMusic Finale, etc.).


Though not necessary for download, contributions are greatly appreciated. If you would like to contribute an amount of your choosing via Paypal you can click the button below. You do not need to have a Paypal account.

You may also contribute using any of the contribution buttons in the tables below. This will add a fixed contribution (equal to the suggested contribution amount) to a Paypal shopping cart.

Font Packages

PackageContentsSuggested ContributionDownload
Completeall fonts$40 USD 
Modernall Legni fonts$32 USD 
Historicalall Holzblaeser & Bois fonts$12 USD 

Individual Fonts

FontDescriptionSuggested ContributionDownload
Legni FluteVBoehm-system flute & piccolo, vertical$6 USD 
Legni FluteHBoehm-system flute & piccolo, horizontal$6 USD 
Legni Oboeconservatoire-system oboe$6 USD 
Legni OboeEngHnconservatoire-system English horn$3 USD 
Legni ClarinetBoehm-system clarinet$6 USD 
Legni ClarinetBassBoehm-system low clarinets$3 USD 
Legni BassoonHeckel-system bassoon$6 USD 
Legni BassoonCbsnHeckel-system contrabassoon$3 USD 
Legni Saxophoneall sizes of saxophone$6 USD 
FontDescriptionSuggested ContributionDownload
Holzblaeser Recorderall sizes of recorder$6 USD 
Holzblaeser EarlyReedscrumhorn, sordune & rackett$2 USD 
Holzblaeser Simplesimple flutes and winds without keys$4 USD 
Bois Sarrusophoneall sizes of sarrusophone$2 USD 
Bois Ophicleide9-, 10- & 11-key ophicleides$2 USD 
Bois Ocarina12-hole transverse ocarina$2 USD 
FontDescriptionSuggested ContributionDownload
LegniM ContraforteWolf contraforte$6 USD 


All Legni, Bois and Holzblaeser fonts are released under the Open Font License (OFL).